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Quality Coastal and New Mexico Alfalfa Hay

We farm 1,500 acres of irrigated coastal hay*. We cut on a 28 day rotation, this is when the hay produces the highest protein levels and quality. All of our fields are routinely sprayed for weed control using only the best quality TDA/EPA approved material. We take soil samples each season to insure that we are fertilizing with the right analysis, so that your horses and cattle get the quality coastal without all the weeds and other grasses.

* we are a wholesale supplier only

Call to reserve your hay for the year beginning in April

We offer New Mexico Alfalfa, that comes in 65lb. square bales for easy handling. We inspect each load to insure it has a lot of leaf and not just stems

Call any one of us

(830) 570-2551 for Dustin,

(830) 570-0878 for Larry, or

(830) 570-4552 for Kate

Call to Reserve

Delivery or Pickup

We deliver throughout the state or you are welcome to pick up from the farm. If your barn space is limited we can supply a stocked van trailer. We will replace the trailer once it is empty with a fully stocked trailer.  We can also bring our own equipment to unload the hay into your barn upon request.

Delivery or Pickup
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Need more info?

We are here to assist. Contact us via phone or email

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